Exterior Products

Vinyl Siding

With a huge selection of colors from light to dark selection we can find a color that fits your home. This is the least expensive product on the market.

Fiber Cement Siding

This siding will give you a Class “A” fire rating with many color selection in there standard range. you can custom painted it if there is no color that suits you. Or if you want to change colors down the road it can be painted.


Redoing your exterior is the best time to warm up your home. With a wide variety of thicknesses you can increase the “R” dramatically.

Soffit and Fascia

In Alberta aluminum is the go-to product for soffit & fascia which comes many color to match your exterior needs.

Custom Window and Door Capping

We can cap your windows and doors in a wide variety of colors with aluminum. We have a wide verity of colors and styles.

Eavestrough /
Alu-Rex Gutter Guard

All our prepainted eavestrough can be matched your fascia colors. When installed along with Alu-Rex gutterguard it truly becomes a maintenance free product.

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